Our Pastor


Ben Cunningham
Lead Pastor

Growing up in multiple states, Ben learned to appreciate many locales… but then he fell in love with Louisiana. Starting college at LSU, he formed enduring relationships that would eventually bring him back home – but most importantly, he there had a deeply transformative experience with the grace of Jesus and the joy of the church. After transferring to finish biblical and theological studies at Wheaton College in Chicago, and later Princeton Seminary, he fell in love with and married his dream girl, Jenny (they have three children, Gabriel, Lena and Ana). Ben has been in some form of pastoral ministry for over 15 years. Since starting Resurrection, he and Jenny continue to grow evermore passionate about the lasting spiritual formation of Jesus’ disciples and serving the greatest city in the world. He loves the Bible, reading, genuine conversation at tables for two, rich–tone acoustic guitars, fishing (even if not catching), and nurturing a near–unhealthy obsession with golf.

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PO Box 52888, New Orleans, LA, 70152

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